Pneuline Supply, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that manufacturers plastic components such as valves, bulkheads, and filters and was formed in order to provide an array of products under one roof to the OEM and distributor market. For nearly two decades we’ve been providing our customers the information they deserve and taking the guesswork out of searching numerous suppliers for their pneumatic and fluidic needs.  Custom molding and laser labeling are among our specialized capabilities that can fit your product requirements for unique parts and assemblies. It is our commitment to supply quality components used primarily in industrial, medical, and automotive applications as defined in our Quality System Manual. We use teamwork and personal innovation to improve upon our Quality Management System as a means to exceed our customer’s expectations.


Product Lines
We offer Adapters, Adjustable Fittings, Ball Valves, Bite Adapters, Bondables, Breathers, Bulkheads, Caps, Check Valves, Clamps, Clips, Compression Fittings, Barbed Connectors, Couplers, Crosses, DISS fittings, Elbows, Filters, Extenders, Flow Controls, Gauges, Garden Hose Connectors, Indicators, Luers, Manifolds, Mufflers, Needle Valves, Nuts, Orifices, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Plugs, Push-in Fittings, Quick Couplers, Relief Valves, Regulators, Stop Cocks, Swivels, Barbed Tees, Toggle Valves, Tube Plugs, Tubing, Unions, Valves, WYE Fittings, as well as many other products.

Custom Components and Assemblies
We offer custom components and assemblies with choices of connector type, resins, sizes, seals, and laser labeling

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