Filter products manufactured or distributed by Pneuline Supply, Inc. are available as In-line, Bowl, and Y Strainers made of Plastic, Brass, or Stainless Steel. Pressure ratings are 125 psi for most plastic filters up to 2000 psi for Brass. Filters can be Barbed or Threaded of NPT or FNPT. This area also contains pressure snubbers, in-line repairable hydraulic filters, and in-line disposable Nylon filters for use in laboratory air applications.

  • Disposable

    Disposable (1)

  • AF-IG Series Polysulfone Filters

    AF-IG Series

  • CBF Series Plastic Barbed Filters

    CBF Series

  • CFF Series Nylon Filters

    CFF Series

  • FIA Series Metal Filters

    FIA Series

  • FIF Series Polysulfone Filters

    FIF Series

  • FLLB Series Polypropylene Luer Filters

    FLLB Series

  • FTAIL Series Acetal Filters

    FTAIL Series

  • FTCIL Series Acrylic Filters

    FTCIL Series

  • IF-IG Series Plastic Barbed Filters

    IF-IG Series

  • IFA Series Plastic Barbed Filters

    IFA Series

  • IFF Series Nylon Filters

    IFF Series

  • IFF-F Series Nylon Filters

    IFF-F Series

  • WPF Series