WPF Series

Pneuline Supply, Inc. WPF Series Filters are manufactured in-house to custom specification per customer requirements.  This series has a flat filter welded into the housing. Barbed connectors are available in various combinations of 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch made from either Nylon, Polypropylene, or Acetal. Three filter materials are available: Fabric, Stainless Steel, or Porous Polyethylene.

Fabric filters can be made from either Nylon, Polypropylene, or Polyester fabric with optional PTFE or PVDF. Filter sizes range from 10 to 250 microns. The standard sizes are 10, 43, 75, 105, 150, 177, 200, 250 microns. Porous Polyethylene allows for a varying range of microns 15-45, 45-90 and 90-160 microns. Polyethylene filters are hydrophobic in nature, therefore blocking the flow of most fluids. Stainless Steel filters are available in two grades: 304 and 316. The standard selection is 80 Mesh (177 Micron), 150 Mesh (110 micron), and 250 Mesh (55 micron). Optional mesh sizes are available as a special order.

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WPF-2B-BKAC-45 HDPE1/8 inch Barbed BK Acetal 45 HDPE In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-BKAC-80SS1/8 inch Barbed BK Acetal 80 Mesh 304 In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-N 1/8 inch Barbed Nylon In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-N-101/8 inch Barbed 10 Micron Nylon Filter
WPF-2B-P-1051/8 inch Barbed 105 Micron Polypropylene Filter
WPF-2B-PC-45PE1/8 inch Barbed Polycarbonate with 5/200 micron PE In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-PC-51/8 inch Barbed Polycarbonate with 5/200 Micron PE In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-PCN-20/2001/8 inch Barbed Polycarbonate with 20/200 Micron Nylon In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-PCN-30/2001/8 inch Barbed Polycarbonate with 30/200 Micron Nylon In-Line Filter
WPF-2B-PVDF-2501/8 inch Barbed 250 Micron PVDF Filter
WPF-3B-GFP-1773/16 inch Barbed Polypropylene with 177M Polypropylene In-Line Filter
WPF-3B-N-303/16 inch Barbed 30 Micron Nylon Filter
WPF-3B-P3/16 inch Barbed Polypropylene Filter
WPF-3B-P-1303/16 inch Barbed 130 Micron Polypropylene Filter
WPF-3B-PC-200PE3/16 inch Barbed with 200 Micron Polycarbonate Filter
WPF-3B-PVDF-2503/16 inch Barbed 250 Micron PVDF Filter
WPF-4BHF-N-75N1/4 inch High Flow Barbed Nylon with 75 Micron Filter
WPF-4BHF-PC-200PE1/4 inch High Flow Barbed Polycarbonate with 200 Filter
WPF-4B-K-200SS1/4 inch Barbed PVDF with 200 Micron Stainless Steel Filter
WPF-4B-K-250SS1/4 inch Barbed PVDF with 250 Micron Stainless Steel Filter
WPF-4B-N-481/4 inch Barbed 48 Micron Nylon Filter
WPF-4B-P-1491/4 inch Barbed 149 Micron Polypropylene Filter
WPF-4B-PVDF 1/4 inch Barbed PVDF Filter
WPF-4B-PVDF-2501/4 inch Barbed 250 Micron PVDF Filter