LD Series

Pneuline Supply, Inc. manufactures these low pressure Lab Disconnects made from either Polyethylene or Polypropylene which are used in laboratories for vacuum application, low pressure lines, water lines, and inert gases. They connect various tubing sizes from 1/8 inch, 7/32 inch, 1/4 inch, and .170 ID tube lines.  They can be purchased with a Viton® or EPDM disc Check Valve, or with a porous Polyethylene filter.  A unique pick-up tube line assembly for use in drawing air or water from containers is also available.


LD-F-LDPEFemale LDPE Lab Disconnect
LD-F-PPFemale Polypropylene Lab Disconnect
LD-F-LDPEMale/Female LDPE Complete Lab Disconnect
LD-M-LDPEMale LDPE Lab Disconnect
LD-M-NB-PPMale No-Barb Polypropylene Lab Disconnect