Pneuline Supply, Inc. offers a wide array of Metal and Plastic Fittings for use in Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Bio-Medical, Pharmaceutical, Wellness, and Food & Beverage

  • CA Series Compression Fittings

    CA Series

  • CAE Series Fittings

    CAE Series

  • CB Series Compression Fittings

    CB Series

  • CC Series Compression

    CC Series

  • CE Series Compression

    CE Series

  • CF Series Compression

    CF Series

  • CFE Series Compression

    CFE Series

  • CME Series Compression Fittings

    CME Series

  • CMR Series Compression

    CMR Series

  • CR Series Barbed Fittings

    CR Series

  • CT Series Compression

    CT Series

  • DMA Series Fittings

    DMA Series

  • GHE Series Fitting

    GHE Series

  • LD Series Lab Disconnect

    LD Series

  • NVC Series Needle Valves

    NVC Series

  • PACX Series Push-to-Connect

    PACX Series

  • PB Series Push-to-Connect

    PB Series

  • PC Series Push-to-Connect

    PC Series

  • PE Series Plastic Push-to-Connect

    PE Series

  • PEB Series Push-to-Connect

    PEB Series

  • PF Series Push-to-Connect

    PF Series

  • PKV Series Ball Valves

    PKV Series

  • PM Series Push-to-Connect

    PM Series

  • PME Series Push-to-Connect

    PME Series